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    To check and update the talent panel, follow the below steps:-

    • Login to Talent Portal

    It will navigate you to the talent panel, titled ‘Talent’. It will show a page as shown below:-


    1. Profile

    • My Profile:- Talent can check his profile from here.
    • Change Profile Photo:- Talent can change his profile photo from here.
    • Remove Profile Photo:- Talent can remove his profile photo from here.
    • Edit Profile:- Talent can edit his profile from here.
    • Change Password:- Talent can change his password from here.

    2. Photos/Audios/Videos

    • Add Photos:- Talent can add photos from here.
    • Add Audios:- Talent can add audios from here.
    • Add Videos:- Talent can add videos from here.
    • View/ Remove(Photos/Audios/Videos):- Talent can view and remove (Photos/Audios/Videos) from here.

    3. Talent

    • Personalised Message:- Talent can check their personalized emails from here.
    • Shortlisted Me:- Talent can check from here how many talent seekers had shortlisted him/her.
    • Transactions:- Talent can check their transaction history from here.

    4. Auditions/Jobs

    • Auditions/Jobs:- Talent can check the list of auditions or jobs from here.

    5. Post your Success Story

    • Post success Story:- Talent can post his success story from here.
    • Success Story:- Talent can view other talents success story from here.
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