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    To send an Email, follow the below steps:-

    • Login to admin panel
    • Go to Mailbox.

    It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Mailbox’. It shows four tabs as follows:-

    (1). Compose– Click here to write an email.
    It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Compose Mail’ as follows:-

    (a). To– Enter the Email address of the member to whom you want to send the mail.

    (b). Subject– Enter the subject related to your mail.

    (c). Message– Write your message here. After entering all the details, Click on ‘Send’ button.

    (2). Inbox– This is the default location for all incoming mail which are you received.

    (3). Sent Mail– Click on this button to check all the mails which had you sent.

    (4). Trash– Click here to check your all temporary and spam mails.

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