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    To Edit a Talent Seeker, follow the below steps:-

    • Login to admin panel
    • Go to Talent Seeker

    It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Talent Seeker’. It shows two tabs as follows:-

    1) Select any record by clicking on the check box , and then go to ‘Edit’ , it will navigate you to the new page , titled ‘ Edit Talent Seeker‘ , as shown below :-

    a) Name :- Enter the desired name .

    b) Mobile :- Enter the desired mobile number.

    c) City :- Enter the city.

    d) Address :- Enter the full address details.

    e) Company Name :- Enter the name of the company.

    f) Register Company :- Select from the drop down option whether the company is registered or not.

    g) Status :- Select the status from the drop down option.

    h) User Name :- Enter the desired Username.

    i) Contact Person :- Enter the name of the contact person.

    j) State :- Select the State.

    k) Industry :- Mention the industry type.

    l) Looking for :-  Enter the criteria of your search.

    Edit the existing User Details and Click on ‘Update’ button.

    2) Delete– Select desired Talent seeker to delete & Click here to delete the existing entry of the Talent Seeker , as shown below :-

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