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    To Add a New Plan, follow the below steps:-

    • Login to admin panel
    • Go to Plans

    It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Plans’. It shows three tabs as follows:-

    (1). Add New Plan– Click here to Add a New Plan, Enter all the required fields as follows:-

    a) Type :- Select the Type for whom you want to add plan.

    b) Name :- Enter the desired name of the plan.

    c) Price :- Enter the price.

    d) Duration :- Enter the duration in months.

    e) Discounted or Actual Amount :- Enter the discounted or actual amount.

    After Entering all the required fields Click on ‘Save’ button.

    (2). Edit- Select the desired Plan to edit & Click on the Edit option . It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Edit Plan’. Edit details as follow:-

    After editing the existing details of the Plan, Click on ‘Update’ button.

    (3). Delete-  Select desired Plan to delete & Click on the “delete” option , as shown below :-

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